A review of the story collection profile of courage

Aug 21, Lyn rated it really liked it Modern American politics is so staggeringly and paralyzingly depressing that this book is refreshing to re-visit.

A review of the story collection profile of courage

And so, you may find it, here: Because of this, I found that I needed to return to Wisdom and Courage and edit it, adding more consistency to the lore as well as the writing style, to make the stories flow together more and lead into the third story in the trilogy, Light and Shadow.

In this massive edit, I will be adding things and taking quite a few things out. Everything that will be taken out of this story will be placed into the side work collection for the trilogy: Now for those of you who have already read Wisdom and Courage and noticed that I deleted most of the story That's cause I did.

You see, I plan on reposting those chapters along with several new ones once they are reedited. So basically, I'm kinda beginning the story all over again And I'd love to know what you all think, since it will be so much better than the original version!

D When I first started writing this, I had originally intended for Wisdom and Courage to be a standalone piece, but as I continued to develop the story, the more I wanted to give it a sequel or maybe even make it part of a trilogy. And so, I eventually decided to write a trilogy of stories, each interconnected in their lore.

The entire Trilogy is entitled the Bound Destinies Trilogy and it is by far what I consider to be the "magnum opus" of my writing library. Before I give a more in-depth summary of Wisdom and Courage, allow me to elaborate on a few common lore-related elements and other things that will appear in all three stories.

The main antagonists of each story will be related by way of being part of the same tribe and ancestry no spoilers as to which tribe that is!

The Triforce will be the common goal for all three antagonists who will all be female by the wayalong with control of Hyrule or in Skyward Sword's case, the Surface. Some other elements will only appear in two certain stories and not the other one, so keep that in mind!

A review of the story collection profile of courage

And that's all I'm going to tell you for now! If you wanna find out how all of these elements come together in an epic combination, you'll have to read on!

So now for a more complete synopsis of Wisdom and Courage! Hyrule has known peace for seven years thanks to the efforts of Link, the Hero of Time and Zelda, the Princess of Destiny.

But the light that shines upon the kingdom quickly turns to darkness when Veran, the merciless Sorceress of Shadows descends upon Hyrule, hunting for those who the pieces of the Triforce.

Claiming the golden relic as her own, Veran conquers Hyrule, covering it in shadows and darkness and turning the people against their beloved princess. But as all seems lost, an ancient prophecy comes to light, stating that the sole hope for the kingdom rests with two people alone: With their cruel and daunting destiny cut out in stone for them, Link and Zelda are entrusted with Hyrule's salvation, but at the same time they are torn between saving the kingdom and saving each other.

War will be waged, love will be tested and sacrifices will be made. Within the story, Link and Zelda are about 17 years old and have spent much of their childhood together everything since Link's return to Hyrule after the events of Majora's Maskwhich makes them really close friends and in case you're wondering, yes, I will be shipping them in this story heavily.

The first few chapters of the story are largely some establishing romantic fluff, with some foreshadowing into the plot which kicks in with the intro of our villain in chapter 8.

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Just a warning, this story is rated T for violence, blood, torture, and thick moral conflict, but I can promise you that there is not really any strong language or sexual themes.

Well, that's just about it with my overly long preface. I really hope you enjoy this story for those of you who haven't read it yet, and for those of you who have continue to enjoy!

I've really put my heart and soul into this story and I hope it shows! Please leave me as many reviews as you want because I love feedback. And until next time! Your review has been posted.Feb 07,  · For all the revelations about its brutality, pro football is more popular and profitable than ever.

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